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A 5 minutes period is largely enough, as the engine's temperature will cool down to reach a stable range.
No, because modern turbo compressed diesel engines are not built to run without load. This will burn fuel for no reason and the engine will wear off 4 times faster (1 hour stopped with the engine on = 4 hours of wear).
In all conditions where there is risk from spinning : on ice, snow, mud or other.
Yes, it is possible to put it on while driving, you only need to press on the clutch while at the same time engaging the lock. This will prevent your wheels from spinning while putting the lock on.
The tune up of your Diesel engine provides these great benefits:
• More power delivered from your valves (inlet and induction valves)
• Your fuel pump will run smoother.
• our engine break will function better. (Jacob Brake)
• Saving time, money and fuel.
Most manufacturers recommend a tune up between 75 000 and 100 000 km, after the grinding in period. All of the recommendations are well written in your maintenance manual.

All lubricants conformed to the engines manufacturer recommendations and distributed by oil companies already have all the special additives. It is very important to understand that using additives in oil such as : grinding in oil , superior quality oil and special coat to reduce friction, are unnecessary and may even reduce your engine performance.

So never use a special additive to repair your mechanical problems, and watch out for these quick fix miracle products that are supposed to repair your engine in a flash.

The best solution? Follow all the manufacturer guidelines, they are all mentionned in your maintenance manual. Also, change periodically your oil and oil filter to prevent problems. Your engine will last longer and you will have much more pleasure driving your truck. This will surely save you time and money !

We also offer the SAAQ mechanical inspection service

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